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Royal Roads University Course Work


Zach attended Royal Roads University from August 2014 to August 2015, enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication (BAPC) program. The BAPC program is a condensed version of years three and four of a traditional Undergraduate Degree in communications. Zach's completion of his Diploma from BCIT was the prerequisite for entrance into the BAPC program. 


"The BAPC program examines language, media, culture and technology. The program balances the best of academic education, professional experience and practical skills, and combines a comprehensive overview of communications as an academic field with a selection of courses in professional writing, public relations, journalism, public speaking, organizational communication and new media. Graduates will be able to understand the fundamental concepts, tools, processes and techniques in communication and will have developed interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills."   - BAPC Program Page


This section contains a sampling of course work completed while at RRU. 

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