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Print and Web Design Projects


Print Designs

Newspaper design for various Scout Jamborees. 


Click on the related publications below to view all samples on 


The Lighthouse - Camp newspaper for the 2015 Pacific Scout Jamboree, held in July 2015. The October, January, March, June, and Saturday July 18 editions were available online, and the remaining editions were printed and distributed to 3200 participants and staff daily.


The Newsasaurus - Camp newspaper for the 2013 Canadian Scout Jamboree. Papers were distributed to 4000 participants and staff daily. 

"Relapse" Poster
Grenadine Poster
2014 Santa Breakfast Poster

Poster Designs

Event and production posters designed for various events. 


Click on each poster to view larger and to read the description.

The Lighthouse Newspaper
Rovers BC
Knights of Ish
Fraser Valley Council Youth Network
2014 Santa Breakfast Crest

Logo and Crest Designs

Logo designs for various events, groups, and publications. Some of these designs have been made into embroidered badges.


Click on each image to view larger and to read the description.

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